Discrete Communication (DC)

Stealth Communication System Undetectable by Current Devices

The DC modulates signals into white-noise like waveforms without a central frequency. The DC will leave no fingerprints or signatures in spectrum space and is undetectable by current wireless devices. The DC can be made into a production stealth wireless system for secured communications..

Wireless DC consists of two major cores: Time Domain Scrambling Modulation and the Tapestry Exchange encryption system. Both are tightly coupled together. The DC scrambles the signal in the time domain according to the rule generated from the encryption engine in order to generate a modulated signal resembling white noise and leaves no footprint in the spectrum space..

The design concept of Discrete Communication is to convert signals into a white-noise like waveforms by scrambling incoming signals in the time domain based on the rule generated by an AI powered encryption engine with unpredictable behaviors. The purpose is for a stealthy and secure communication system to prevent jamming or interference.

Tapestry Exchange

A Quantum Cryptographic Level Key Distribution System on Regular Devices

The Tapestry Exchange (TE) is a meta-AI powered encryption algorithm that is a symmetric cryptographic system using a robust “guessing” mechanism to figure out the key of a remote party over a public channel. The meta-AI engine of TE sends a series of inquiries to the remote party and then determines the private key through a learning process derived from answers provided by the remote party. Through this process, the TE creates a secure private key known only by two parties without any human intervention that has a length up to 4M byte long, which is much longer than existing symmetric cryptographic systems.

Unlike conventional cryptographic systems, the TE does not operate in a regular manner while presenting with the same data under identical condition it varies from time to time. This uncertain behavior is decided by the combination of time, network conditions, and a portion of the private key. The extra-long private key is not only for data encryption but also decides how TE behaves. This overcomes the most common causes of cybersecurity issues - inevitability and certainty. The uncertain behavior makes TE unpredictable. Even if hackers successfully break into one TE system, they cannot apply the same method to break into another. This guarantees no simple virus code, trojan, or hacker program can defeat the ever-changing Tapestry Exchange security.

The meta-AI engine of the Tapestry Exchange establishes an autonomous device-to-device cypher chain created by an iterative concealed match between each two devices. No human intervention is allowed. Once a cypher chain is available between two devices, it can completely lock out illegal intrusions, suspicious behavior and errors. This creates a revolutionary blockchain system capable of private and secure high-volume low latency transactions.

Maico Search Engine

A quantum computer level search engine that finds best solutions from nearly infinite possibilities

Maico (Metacognitive-AI for Computational Optimization) is an algorithm that searches and finds the best solutions from millions of variables while refining its algorithm to improve and optimize performance. Each variable represents a factor influencing the outcome of a task. For example, if the task is to find the maximum storage capacity for tens of thousands of different sized boxes in a warehouse, then a variable represents where and in what order a box should be placed. The performance means the computation time and computer resources needed to accomplish the assigned task. In the above example, this means how long to find the best arrangement for storing the maximum number of boxes in the warehouse.

The large number of variables presents astronomical possibilities and exceeds the total number of particles of the known universe. Finding the best solutions is an extremely difficult task and is far beyond the scope of what an Internet search engine can do. An Internet search engine can only search exact words from all the web content rather than understand the meaning of the words and then find relevant information. The Internet search engine is actually just a word “matching” engine.

Maico search engine is a breakthrough engine that searches and finds the best solutions from a given model. The scale of its complexity and the effort of its calculation are a million times more difficult than other Internet search engines. It leverages advanced AI development though modelling a task in Maico search engine remains challenging and still requires time-consuming human intervention.