Computer Architect and Chip Designer
The Teklium team is among the few in the industry with a thorough understanding of both
computer architecture and chip design. As a Computer Architect, Teklium is capable of creating
a computer platform from system design, firmware development, and operating system
support, to the application software integration. As a Chip Designer, Teklium has a thorough
understanding of chip manufacturing processes and physical constraints of chip
In today’s systems, the computing engine and the multimedia core normally are two different
devices that work separately. It is an extremely difficult task to combine those two devices into a
single structure since they operate in different architectural manners to meet diverse
requirements. The Teklium team has successfully developed a technology, which uses a
single architecture to handle both computing jobs, such as operating system calls, and
multimedia functions, such as video encoding. This technology design not only reduces the
cost and size of a multimedia-supporting computer, it also leads to creation of novel
applications such as PCTV, a PC computer with embedded HDTV support.
Balancing Multimedia and Computing
Key Technologies for Licensing
Teklium has developed a series of unique and intelligent memory management logics for
building a Fault Tolerant and Self-Healing memory system with enhanced features, such as the
live data compression and the address remapping. Those patented designs can be applied to
DRAM and most memory devices, not only can boost computer performance, but also can
reduce overall memory costs substantially.
•        DRAM and Memory Management Logic
•       Real-Time 1080p H.264 Video Encoder
Teklium has completed a real-time video encoder design supporting H.264, VC-1, and Chinese
AVS standards. It is one of the few video encoders available in the industry targeting single chip
package and capable of encoding 1920x1080p high definition video in real time. It is also the
first high performance video encoder designed for commodity markets by its low cost and low
power consumption features.
•        Data Co-Processing and Acceleration Unit
Teklium has designed an advanced data acceleration unit can assist processor by sharing its
load on recursive data processing and moving. This patented design operates like traditional
Direct Memory Access unit but with data processing capability. It can move and process data
automatically from one memory location to another without using processor power or
interrupting its operation, which immediately enables high level parallelism and concurrency
once integrated into a traditional architecture.