About Us
Teklium is an independent design house founded by a group of experienced engineers and
scientists. Through years of hard works, the Teklium team has achieved a number of
technology breakthroughs and created revolutionary inventions in the computer and chip
industries. The Teklium team has received over 60 invention patents worldwide. They are
capable of handling very challenging design tasks in both computer architecture and integrated
circuit development.
About Us
Openness and Partnership
Teklium offers flexible terms for licensing and collaboration. The company is open to creative
models for cooperation, and welcomes discussion on this topic. Besides offering standard
cores, Teklium also can be contracted to provide solutions meeting specific design needs.
Teklium is positioned as an effective extension of R&D facilities and design resource for any
company. Teklium provides services for creating specifications, project planning, and
developing marketing strategies thereby maximizing the value of targeted intellectual properties.
The Teklium team has a solid and proven record of converting inventions into real products.
Teklium understands how to use its creativity in implementing practical designs. Teklium’s
designs have been selected for key US military applications, and have been certified by tier-one
computer and chip companies. Teklium has conceived and implemented a wide range of
inventions across various fields, solid evidence of the company's competence and ingenuity.
Intellectual Property Licensing
The Teklium team developes a set of very unique chip cores and modules, including a real
time H.264 video encoder for 1920x1080p high definition format applications, a fault tolerant
and self-healing DRAM controlling logic, and an active DMA unit with mathematical and bit-blitz
operation capability. Those cores excel in performance, exceed applicable  industry standards
and are packed with VERY rich features. Teklium is making these cores available licensing,
and also offers design integration services.